Daniella Jones: Copenhagen's Creative Soul

Daniella Jones: Copenhagen's Creative Soul


Daniella Jones is a creative dabbler. She understands more than one canvas, whether it be a face or body, as she is a master of painting, makeup, and thrifting. She's practiced her craft since before she could remember, and, as Malcom Gladwell might put it, her 10,000 hours of expertise are now paying off. The acrylic-on-canvas specialist is shining in the era of Instagram (it helps that her face glistens like a true Glossier girl and her closet is a vintage treasure trove). We tapped Daniella's mind to learn more about her creative process, inspiration, and of course, music of choice. Read ahead for more. 

MO: So, where are you from originally?

DJ: My dad is from London and my mum is from Copenhagen, but I have lived in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen my whole life.

MO: How did you start painting, and how long have you been doing it?

DJ: I've been a creative all my life, but I started painting around 12 years old. I used to paint pictures for my whole family for Christmas and birthdays. They, of course, hung them up on the walls. But looking at them now makes me cringe a bit. I'd love to repaint some of them, however, it's important that I can always see how far I have moved. That's really motivating.

MO: From where do you find inspiration for your work?

DJ: I get a lot of inspiration from both Instagram and Pinterest - that’s where I get a lot of reference material. I’m very inspired my boyfriend as well. He’s extremely creative and motivated. He’s so helpful with my paintings. Right now, he's teaching me where natural shadows would be and how to make the image more realistic. I don’t really do, or aspire to do, a lot hyper-realistic paintings, so sometimes we have to compromise when it comes to style.  



MO: You seem to have a fashion edge too. What's your go-to style resource? 

DJ: Thank you so much. Of course, honestly, I love the “big” brands like Zara and H&M, but where I really find the most unique and special items is in different second-hand shops in Copenhagen.

MO: What do you love most about leading a creative career?

DJ: That I can sleep in late. No, kidding!! I love that I’m in charge of my own schedule and I’m  able to do what I really love and desire each and everyday. Additionally, I enjoy the variations of my week days, some days I do makeup and other days I do my own art projects and commissions. One of the best feelings is to find that people have hung my paintings in their homes. That’s beyond.



MO: What are your biggest goals as an artist?

DJ: To always be inspired to create, and to remain a student of my craft. I would love to own a gallery or studio, where young people can come be creative with me and exhibit their artwork. Kind of like a forum for young aspiring artist.

MO: What do you need in your creative space in order to work?

DJ: I need a natural light, sound from either music or a cool documentary, and an organized desk (which is usually not the case, so I often work on the floor). 



MO: What music do you listen to while painting?

DJ: Mostly 90’s hip hop, Grime, reggae & Sam Smith.

MO: You're a makeup artist as well. What are the similarities between painting on a canvas and painting with makeup?

DJ: I really enjoy making the eyes pop or making beautiful eyebrows and healthy skin in my portrait paintings. And, these are the things I also focus on while doing makeup on people. For me, the two connect really well because both are used to show expression and the step-by-step only depends on the canvas (it being a face or a paper). In addition to this, makeup is a learning experience because I learn a lot about the facial features I can create when painting freehand. I LOVE them both.

MO: And, lastly: Three favorite Instagram accounts you follow?

DJ: Wow, that’s a difficult questions, I have so many. But I really love @v93oo, @fhlurs & @hodayalouis

See more of Daniella's works here.

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