Grace Lynne: Sharing Truth Through Art

Grace Lynne: Sharing Truth Through Art

Grace Lynne is not only creating art — she’s working towards a greater social cause, too. She began taking her own art seriously only six years ago, and since then, she made a promise to herself to integrate her story and truth into her works. The result? Compelling depictions of people and experiences that encompass beauty, purpose, and productivity. She utilizes her artistic skill in both commercial projects and personal pieces, and is constantly taking in inspiration from everything around her. Here are eight questions with Los Angeles’ Grace Lynne, and a closer look at her work.

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How long have you been making art?

Grace Lynne: I’ve been creating pretty much my entire life, however I didn't start taking art seriously until I was 20 years old. At that age I realized if I worked hard enough, I could eventually make a career out of this. I've been non-stop ever since.  

Why keeps you going?

Grace Lynne: I create because it heightens my senses. When I am making art, the world becomes more transparent, and I see colors, textures, people, and shapes in a whole new perspective. As a woman of color in the field, it is also important for me to utilize my art as a way to tell the stories of underrepresented people. Creating gives me purpose, and most importantly it helps me appreciate the beauty of life more which can be challenging with so much chaos around us. 

What would you say is the biggest challenge you face as an artist? 

Grace Lynne: The biggest challenge for me is finding the balance between creating a beautiful piece of art that is both personal and has meaning. I never want to create beauty simply for the sake of beauty, incorporating depth while still maintaining beauty is vital for me.

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What are you currently working on? 

Grace Lynne: Besides my commercial illustration and design work, I am currently working on two different series that are centered on the Black experience. The first body of work deals with the relationship to Black people and soft colors. The second series, which I merely just started, is a textile series that explores African American folklore.

What have been your biggest learning lessons in your career thus far?

Grace Lynne: My biggest learning lesson would be knowing the balance between creating and experiencing life. My inspiration more so comes from lived experiences than actual art itself. It's important for me to have a wide circle of friends, travel, and gain new experiences to create more complex and dynamic art works. 

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What are you most proud of? 

Grace Lynne: I am most proud to say that I make a living by purely doing freelance and working for myself. I am also proud to say for the first time in my career I have my very own studio. 

What advice would you give people who are still figuring out how to put their creativity to use?

Grace Lynne: Don't be afraid to get you hands dirty. One of my professors told me it takes 1,000 bad drawings to get to 1 good one. Get all of the bad art out of your system so that you can get to making the real deal type of work. 

Check out more of Grace Lynne’s work at her website, and follow her latest projects on Instagram.

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