Slim Aarons is the Aesthetic Boost You've Been Searching For

Slim Aarons is the Aesthetic Boost You've Been Searching For

Before there was Instagram, there was photographer Slim Aarons.

Slim Aarons, Vuccino and Rava, 1958

Slim Aarons created a notable career as the photographer of socialites, jet-setters, and celebrities of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s—“attractive people doing attractive things.” The American photographer had an incredible eye, constantly capturing colorful, striking compositions, in modern days known as #instagoals.

Slim Aarons, Self Portrait Riding Bike in Hawaii, 1955


Whether you are kicking off your semester abroad or enjoying the start of football season, here is your step-to-step guide to making all your shots Slim Aarons worthy.

1. Horizontal Compositions Only

Slim Aarons, Il Canille, Capri, Italy, 1980

Yes, Aarons does take vertical pictures, but to get the best all-encompassing shots, horizontal frames are the way to go.  While taking your pic, make sure to capture the full scene. No close ups here! You want your followers to be able to see everything going on, from you and your BFF sitting on the quad to the notable campus buildings on the horizon.

2. Breathtaking Background

Slim Aarons, Dimitris Kritsas at the Temple of Poseidon, Sounion, Greece, 1968

The background of your composition is just as important as the foreground. Sure, while weekending on the Amalfi Coast, you’ll be looking super tan and stylish in your new Marysia one-piece, however, as stated in #1, this isn’t all about you! Almost all of Slim Aaron’s shots include beautiful scenery, like the beach's signature cliffs or Greek ruins, for example. Add some interest and variety to your newsfeed by striking your pose with background in mind.

3. Posh Past Times

Slim Aarons, Snowmass Gathering, 1968

Make sure your post includes your subjects indulging themselves in a luxurious activity, like skiing, sunbathing, gossiping, or drinking. The more activities in the composition (as seen in the picture above) equals more likes – it’s guaranteed.

4. The More People the Better

Slim Aarons, Poolside Backgammon, 1972

Show off how popular you really are! Bonus points for nudity and canines.

5. Bright Colors and High Contrast

Slim Aarons, Countess on Deck, 1982

Edit that pic! Crank up the contrast! Turn up the saturation! Cool it down by turning down the temperature to really emphasis the blues. You are truly on the route to success if you filter your shot with VSCOcam with filters like C1 or S3.

Happy posting!
Can’t wait to see how you channel your inner-Aarons!

-Gracie Wiener

Thumbnail Picture - Slim Aarons, Tettuccio Terre, 1980


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